Comment: Liverpool and Suarez both lack class

The game between Manchester United and Liverpool on Saturday was the perfect opportunity to put to rest the racism controversy that has overshadowed the Premier League for the past three months. Luis Suarez’s return to the Liverpool first team at Old Trafford could have been downplayed, save for a few boos upon his every touch. But his decision to snub Patrice Evra’s hand in the pre-match fair play handshake has caused the spat to erupt once again.

One of the most frustrating things about it, as the Premier League desperately tries to eradicate racism, is that it was all so unnecessary. The Premier League should have intervened before the start of play and prevented the handshake going ahead, just for this game. After all it was inevitable that Suarez would not shake Evra’s hand. Suarez is a man who believes he has done nothing wrong. He said from the beginning that he would carry out the suspension with the resignation of someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.

Would you shake the hand of someone who had publicly humiliated you and called you a racist? I wouldn’t that’s for sure. And that is the exact position that Suarez was in yesterday, he firmly believes he is the victim and therefore he refused to acknowledge Evra.

What was worse than the ‘non-handshake’ of Saturday afternoon was the fact that Liverpool did not wear black armbands in respect of the 54th anniversary of the Munich air disaster. That was classless.


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9 thoughts on “Comment: Liverpool and Suarez both lack class”

  1. Oh dear it seems a fellow blue has fallen for the trap!

    Evra made it look like he was going to shake Suarez’s hand, tv footage shows Suarez going to shake Evra’s hand but Evra then proceeded to lower his hand to his waist which then made Suarez retract his hand and carry on down the line.

    Evra is to blame for this and this was probably all planned out by United, if you want proof that I am telling the truth then read the comments between me and Dogtheblue in my latest article by following this address.

    While we are at it I am a little ashamed to even read this from a fellow City fan, If you actually paid enough attention Rio Ferdinand refused to shake Suarez’s hand also.

    Why should Liverpool wear black armbands for United, United do not return for Hillborough and infact United fans sing sick songs about Hillborough.

    Sounds to me like you’re a City fan with a love for United, a an almost exstinct generation.

    1. No I’m just a City fan who thinks that sometimes there are more important things than football such as showing respect for those who tragically lost their lives. In one way I’m happy that you think I’m a City fan with a love of United, at least I can’t be accused of being biased! Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  2. Have to disagree with you. Last week Man U and Chelsea didn’t do the hand shake for rio who wouldn’t shake Terry’s hand. The incident doesn’t even have anything to do with if it was Anton I’d say ok but it’s it like Wayne bridge and Terry if ya don’t want to shake is hand you don’t have to. If you a racist so be it people won’t like it but if Suraz is a racist, sexist, or a homophobe thats his right as a person we may not like it and can say its wrong but it won’t change his views will it ? Evea make it look like he wasnt going to shake his hand Rio didn’t shake his and proberly wouldnt have no even mention about that

  3. What a pile of crap. Most of the football world thought that in anyone might decline to shake hands, it would be Evra as the aggrieved party who was never given an apology either by the player or by LFC for its libelous statements. Your affiliations obviously blind you to the realities of the situation or to the lot of people who have had to live their lives being victimzed due to their pigmentation. Reading your blinkered and unprofessional piece highlighted the fact that some at City have just the same problem as many at Liverpool do – that they can’t get past their tribalism to see that there actually is a bigger picture to football and the world at large.

    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment. With respect I fail to see how I’m blinkered in my views if I’m honest. The headline clearly indicates that I’m defending Patrice Evra, I was just offering what I see as Suarez’s viewpoint based on the statement that he has made, in no way am I supporting or condoning any of Suarez’s actions. Furthermore, this is a football blog and as such I don’t see the need to comment on wider issues. If anything I’ve written has offended you then I apologise but in my defence I personally don’t think anything I’ve written could be deemed as offensive, biased or other. Just an honest opinion.

  4. Suarez is definitely a toe rag, he falls over and pretends he is fouled, he tries to intimidate players all the time, he bit a players ear in the Dutch Eredivisie and had a long ban over there. He has been found guilty of racialy abusing Patrice Evra, another player who doesn’t endear himself to neutral fans but yesterday Suarez definitely took his hand away when he was offered Evra’s hand. Liverpool have a serious discipline problem with Suarez, he has been given the full backing of the Liverpool team & manger and once again they all have egg on their faces. I don’t think Ferguson has the right to tell Liverpool they have to part services with him but I think that it may well be a wise move because it is unlikely he will be anything but trouble!

  5. Why should anyone HAVE to shake anyone else’s hand if they don’t want to no matter what the reason?

    And if you think you have been accused of racism, had your name dragged through the mud and press, been banned for six weeks but feel you are innocent why should you then have to shake hands with your accuser as if you accept you are guilty.

    And whats the point of the handshake if you are forced to do it and don’t mean it? After all its called the fairplay handshake which the players do before diving and generally cheating in order to win.

    There is a difference between accepting an unjust (as he sees it) decision against you and accepting you are actually guilty

  6. Clearly you’re entitled to your opinion like any other but why do you feel the need to defend Evra?, you could have slaughtered Suarez and Liverpool without defending anyone.

    Accept without the facts you jumped into a frenzy and attacked Suarez and Pool, only to find yourself as a City fan defending one of the four United players who slag us off whenever they get the chance.

    Evra does not deserve your defense nor is he innicent, he is utterly guilty of trapping Suarez into thinking a hand shake was open. Evra is utterly guilty of pulling out of the hand shake with Suarez and it seems you’re too stubborn to admit you are wrong.

    City fan or no City fan, I tell it how it is and just seeing another City fan defend that inbred rag makes me sick to my stomach. That is coming from a member of a family of Mancunians, more blue than red but still red.


    You don’t need to defend a person or persons to support a cause.

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