Summer Ramblings

Soaking up the sun in 40+ degree heat in a country facing financial uncertainty – and according to a local on the brink of a ‘revolution’ – finding out that Manchester City had signed both Gael Clichy and Stefan Savic and learning that Carlos Tévez had finally shown his hand, came as a surprise. Having abandoned the world of football for merely a week it seemed fitting that events involving Manchester City would distract me from my idyllic summer holiday and resurface the issue that had been pushed to the back of my mind – when will the season start again? 
I confess that I had started to believe the reports from a newspaper that now no longer exists, that Tévez would be staying and would be rewarded with his dream move at the end of his current contract. Alas, it appears as though that may not happen with Corinthians – one of Tévez’ numerous former clubs – having (at the time of writing) reportedly had a bid accepted by City for the tenacious Argentinian. From a professional point of view this move (if indeed it happens) makes no sense. Tévez, by abandoning European football, ensures that he becomes a big fish in a small pond in Brazil when he so easily could have been a big fish in a big pond. Had he the desire and ability to settle in one place then he could have been the man who propelled City to greatness, rather than be the man who simply started the process. Whilst Tévez’ epic contribution to Manchester City can never be doubted, the fact remains that he did not have the heart to see it through and that may be something he could live to regret. Or not as the case may be.
It was not really Tévez’ declaration that surprised me however, it was more the fact that Clichy and the largely unknown twenty year old Stefan Savic had joined the club. It speaks volumes of City’s rapid improvement in recent years that Gael Clichy, along with one or two others, would be the only players from this current Arsenal side who would get into City’s team. The other two being central midfielders, one linked with Barcelona the other linked with (surprise surprise) Manchester City. Time will tell if Samir Nasri joins Clichy, Emannuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure in swapping London for Manchester, but one thing is certain…it appears as though Arsenal’s top four status could well be in jeopardy next season.
With recent developments at the club, namely the renaming of the ground to the Etihad Stadium and the subsequent financial gains it is reported to generate and the transfer rumours that Sergio Aguero is lined up to replace Tévez it is clear that exciting times await Manchester City and the club’s loyal fans. 
I would just like to take this opportunity to say that my sympathies go to the innocent journalists at the News of the World who were treated disgracefully following the phone-hacking scandal. Three in particular, Andy Dunn, Paul McCarthy and Neil Ashton, who have all read my blog, praised my writing and given invaluable advice. I thank them for their kind words and their help and wish them well for the future. 
I would also like to apologise for the different style of writing in this specific piece – the serious writing returns in the next few weeks!
As ever I welcome feedback, good bad or indifferent. Many thanks for reading.

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